• ...They make my life much easier.
    Andrew F. Bedminster, NJ
  • ...this service paid for itself.
    Joanne D. Martinsville, NJ
  • ...I was comfortable in knowing that because of their knowledge, dedication and insight, weekly payroll, along with the entire year end reporting would be done proficiently and accurately.
    Deirdre Z. Hillsborough, NJ
  • I just love that they answer their phones within one ring!
    Bill T. Morristown, NJ
  • ...My firm made a transition mid-quarter. It was absolutely seamless and hassle - free.
    Scott R. Bound Brook, NJ

Advanced Payroll Solutions Advantages

Why should I choose Advanced Payroll Solutions?

As a Advanced Payroll Solutions client, your satisfaction with our services is top priority. We are dedicated to providing you with a more valuable service through our comprehensive payroll and payroll tax solutions. We work closely with you to build a solid, professional relationship, which ensures we provide you with a solution rather than a pre-packaged product. In other words, our services support you in making better business decisions so that you save time and money.

What makes Advanced Payroll Solutions different from other payroll service providers?

The difference can be summed up in these words: support, service, capabilities and expertise. Our clients' satisfaction with our service is top priority at Advanced Payroll Solutions, which is why we take a professional and proactive approach to deliver superior payroll and payroll tax services. Our extensive reporting capabilities and comprehensive payroll and payroll tax services enable us to provide our clients the data they need. Through our payroll experts, we design a solution for you that is truly client-focused, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to conducting business.

How does Advanced Payroll Solutions determine what solutions are best for my business?

What works for one company does not always work for the next company. That is why we do not take a “cookie-cutter” approach to business. Initially, we meet with you to assess your needs and determine what Advanced Payroll Solutions can do to offer support in improving your company's operations efficiency, saving you time from dealing with the hassles of business support functions. Once we have determined which combination of Advanced Payroll Solutions products and services work for you, we transfer your payroll and payroll tax functions to Advanced Payroll Solutions through our smooth and accurate conversion process. You will continue to receive ongoing superior client service while you are with Advanced Payroll Solutions; this includes our annual Service Review session to further enhance the benefits of your customized Advanced Payroll Solutions solution.

Can Advanced Payroll Solutions handle payroll in other states?


What about security?

Advanced Payroll Solutions regards payroll security our highest priority. Over the years we have stressed to our clients that we will only communicate with approved personnel from your company, here!.

If anyone from your company contacts Advanced Payroll Solutions without prior approval from your company, we will not be able to communicate with this person.

When is the best time to switch my payroll service?

When you want to switch to Advanced Payroll Solutions, we will conduct a full audit and balance of your payroll. We then analyze your current situation and make our recommendation as to the best time for your company to come aboard with Advanced Payroll Solutions - whether it is the next pay period, the following month, beginning of the next quarter or January of the following year. When that time comes, we guarantee a smooth and easy conversion to Advanced Payroll Solutions. Plus, the benefits of us taking the extra step in conducting the audit and balance is that we assume responsibility for your payroll tax work and your employees receive only one set of W2s at year end.

How much does the service cost?

Advanced Payroll Solutions is happy to provide a specific rate quotation for your business.